Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ceiling Cat

Ceiling cat approves of my assessment, he says i should get a distinction. hahaha......

Monday, March 24, 2008

Family comes first

Last night i was on the phone with a dear friend of mine, we were talking about our easter weekends when he startled " you spent the weekend with your mum, why would you wanna do that, dont you have friends?". At first this offended me but then i realised so what?

This guy ( not going to mention names) was on holiday with his parents at the time?? who was he to talk.

i dont care if he is going to judge me, or anyone for that matter, because i spend time with my family. A few months ago now my mum yelled at me , going on about that my friends won't always be there but your family will. at the time i blew it off and did whatever to keep her happy. looking back now i realise she was right, over the past few months i realise i have lost a fair few close friends, people i considered to be staying around, take a look...they're not there..

Over the past year, since breaking up with josh, i have learnt so much. i have learnt not all good thinsg last forever, things can change, ive learnt how to be a lot stronger and iv made a lot of mistakes. the one thing i have learned that i treasure, is the importance of family. Not just my Mum, my Dad, my brother ( who has moved otu and i havent seen for about 2 weeks, despite my angry text messages), My aunties, unvcles, grandparents and of coursee cousinss ( like the loser sittin next to me).

if only more people would step back and stop taking there family for granted, there the people that love you most despite what you think..

thats my rant for this tuesday =]

p.s just to clear things up, i didnt spend teh whole weekend with my mum, friday night i was at easter show with friends, saturday was with my mummy =] and sunday was spent all day withh friends.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Can i Has a Cheezburger n' lolspeak

inztead of doin wah i waz meant to all clazz, i spent mah time on can i has a cheezburger.

funnee blog, u shuld check is out sumtime. pretty cute kittehs lol.

Another Day, Another 100 Dollars

One thing that really gets me these days is how expensive everything is. Juggling school, tafe, work, a decent social life and lets not forget spending time with good old mum, makes it

a) too hard to work enough to earn the money i need for basic food while I'm out, new clothes every so often ( and I'm not a shopaholic), credit for my phone and the lost goes on

b) very hard to save money for things in the future eg a car, ski trip, schoolies

c) just generally depressing to have $40 dollars in your bank after all the hard work you do

One thing that really annoys me is the inflation on food and clothes. Australia is abundant in agricultural crop, there is plenty of competition in the take away restaurants, yet they still charge almost as much as a nice sit down meal.

Clothes these days are mainly made in China, presumably by little ladies stuck in sweat shops, getting paid 2 dollars an hour, for them to then sell that piece of clothing for $80 dollars that cost them another $2 dollars to make, then making at least a $70 profit after shipping and marketing. $70 dollars is a nice small profit you may think, not much btu still good, but times that buy the amount of clothes they have in a shop like General Pants ( not saying anything bad from general pants, most of my clothes are from there, and not being a hypocrite because i'll admit i'm just as stupid to pay that much) think of the profits that these companies are racking in by the minute!!! Another good point is to think of companies such as Chanel or Gucci, they may have some gorgeous products but for the price you pay are the really worth it? Are they really that much different from the 30 dollar handbag you buy at sportsgirl??

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So don't read my last post, I never quite got it finished and i thought i better write another blog before TVET tomorrow just incase we go on the computers (lol).

When Jo asked me what i was going to blog about, i said i didn't know, a week later you think i'd have some idea but i don't. Mind you, these blogs are pretty good for having a good old bitch haha.

I thought I'd point out something pretty obvious..Easter is fast approaching yay chocolate!!!
How expensive is the easter show these days i mean god lol maybe im just poorer thn last year, it may have something to do with occupational status ( i start training on wednesdayy yay for me)

this blog was awfully pointless, no need to point that out to me but anyway at least i got some done haha

Monday, March 10, 2008

Grow Some Balls Mate

One thing that angers me is the way people handle good old disagreements these days. With the new hit of text messaging and myspace, it seems our generation has lost any ethical way of solving a disagreement.

Today i was abused by a letter, not even to my face. the person had not confronted me about the informatuion he had heard, and did not even have the balls to give me the letter, making his friend wait for me after recess to give mem the letter.